"Anyone can take a picture.. a person with a passion sees the picture before it is taken." Such is the inspiration and insight behind our masterpiece that in tender years we capture unforgettable moments, our portfolio is more than capable of standing to the scrutiny of photography's greatest critics is you.

Solidbrown Production's pride in capturing candid moments in a modern and artsy way, delivering a touch of photojournalistic finesse to allow the pictures to tell the story. Where other photographers spend much time choreographing every pose and setting up every moment, our team keeps the poses to a necessary minimum preferring instead to let the candidness unfold.

We believe that the ultimate secret to a timeless photograph can only be delivered by a couple who are in love. In this, we consider ourselves as a silent witness, being in the moment and ever ready to capture those precious seconds of beauty, grandeur, and everlasting happiness as they happen on your wedding day.

Armed with passion and our flair for being on the right spot at the right time, Our team does not seek to astound, but only to capture life's fleeting moments of wonder and glory. With us behind the camera, your lifetime's worth of beautiful memories is secure and in good hands.

"Let all that you do be done in love" -1 Corinthians 16:14